CADRE: An update on web services and data

Jane Mabey Gilsenan, Paul Bowyer, David Denning

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University of Manchester, Manchester, UK


The Central Aspergillus Data Repository (CADRE; is a public resource for viewing assemblies and annotated genes arising from various world-wide Aspergillus projects. We currently house data for nine genomes, including the most recent annotation contributed by the Eurofungbase Aspergillus nidulans project. We have continued to manually annotate this genome and have shared it with other relevant resources such as AspGD ( and Ensembl Genomes ( These collaborations have helped to further improve gene structures and naming within A. nidulans annotation and, more importantly, to provide consistency across resources. Ensembl Genomes is a new resource that seeks to complement the current Ensembl collection (predominantly vertebrate) by including other taxonomic groups. With limited expertise, this can only be done with the support of specific research communities. Therefore, as representative data of the Aspergillus community, CADRE has been integrated into Ensembl Genomes and is maintained by both teams. This collaboration has allowed us to further embellish annotation and to perform comparative analyses across eight of the genomes. Towards the end of this integration project, we were also able to submit the A. nidulans Eurofungbase annotation to EMBL with post-project contributions from CADRE, AspGD and Ensembl Genomes

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    • ECFG 10th (2010)