Biotechnology Lab Assistant

us: Biotechnology Lab Assistant [Duties: Essential Functions: Set up and take down of lab practical; Inoculations of pathogenic cultures and biotech cultures; Maintenance of bacterial/fungal stock and working cultures; Preparation of all microbiological culture media for stocks and all lab activities; Preparation of storage solutions reagents utilized in the micro/biotech laboratories; Utilization and maintenance of laboratory equipment (steam autoclave, ultracentrifuge, cold rooms, incubators, HPLC, Laminar flow hoods, gel electrophoresis apparatus, microscopes, etc; Maintenance and control of inventory; Routine maintenance of teaching lab areas; Preparation of SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and agrose gels for lab activities; Collaborate with faculty in General Biology; ... | Minimum Requirements: Minimum Qualifications: AA degree in the sciences, biotechnology or a Science student; General Biology, Microbiology and Biotech Laboratory skills; Background in Biological & Physical Science courses] / Baltimore City Community College (BCCC); Baltimore, Maryland, United States