Austalide Q

Trivial name: 

Austalide Q

Systematic name: 

1H-​Furo[3,​4-​b]​xanthene-​9-​propanoic acid, 3,​5a,​6,​7,​8,​9,​9a,​10-​octahydro-​7-​hydroxy-​11-​methoxy-​4,​5a,​9-​trimethyl-​8-​(1-​methylethenyl)​-​1-​oxo-​, methyl ester, (5aS,​7R,​8S,​9S,​9aR)​-

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Literature reference: 

New Austalides from the Sponge-​Associated Fungus Aspergillus sp. Zhou, Yaming; Mandi, Attila; Debbab, Abdessamad; Wray, Victor; Schulz, Barbara; Mueller, Werner E. G.; Lin, Wen Han; Proksch, Peter; Kurtan, Tibor; Aly, Amal H. European Journal of Organic Chemistry (2011), 2011(30), 6009-6019, S6009/1-S6009/4.

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Aspergillus Species known to produce this metabolite: