Austalide H

Systematic name: 

1H-​Furo[3,​4-​b]​xanthene-​9-​propanoic acid, 3,​5a,​6,​7,​8,​9,​9a,​10-​octahydro-​7-​hydroxy-​8-​(1-​hydroxy-​1-​methylethyl)​-​11-​methoxy-​4,​5a,​9-​trimethyl-​1-​oxo-​, methyl ester, (5aS,​7R,​8S,​9R,​9aR)​- (9CI)

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Literature reference: 

Metabolites of Aspergillus ustus. Part 3. Structure elucidation of austalides G-​L. Horak, R. Marthinus; Steyn, Pieter S.; Vleggaar, Robert; Rabie, Christiaan J. Journal of the Chemical Society, Perkin Transactions 1: Organic and Bio-Organic Chemistry (1972-1999) (1985), (2), 363-7.

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Aspergillus Species known to produce this metabolite: