Atlas of Clinically Important Fungi

Atlas of Clinically Important Fungi


Carmen Sciortino








The Atlas of Clinically Important Fungi provides readers with an alphabetical list of fungi as well as listing the division of fungi by both sporulation and morphology. The characteristic traits for a particular fungus are displayed through a series of images, with the fungi appearing as they did in the author′s lab on the day(s) that testing was performed. For this reason, numerous (6–20) color photographs are included so that technologists will have sufficient reference photos for identifying the various morphologies of a single organism. Organism photographs begin with the macroscopic colony views followed by the microscopic views. Also included for some microorganisms, are clinical pathology photographs demonstrating how the organism appears in human tissues.
A collection of literature citations are also provided to enable further reading.

This user–friendly fungi atlas provides a resource for those seeking information in the field of medical mycology, specifically with regards to identifying an organism using the parameters of culture morphology.

About the Author
Carmen V. Sciortino is a Clinical Professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, and Chief of Microbiology and Associate Director of Molecular Pathology at the Robley Rex Veterans Healthcare Medical Center in Louisville, KY, USA.