Atlas of Clinical Fungi: The ultimate benchtool for diagnostics

Atlas of Clinical Fungi: The ultimate benchtool for diagnostics


G.S. de Hoog, J. Guarro, J. Gené and M.J. Figueras




A new online version of the 4th edition is available since July 2014!

It allows for a fast and very comfortable search through the entire Atlas text. The engine is fully equipped for title as well as for general search. Items are strongly linked, enabling direct use of the electronic version as a benchtool for identification and comparison. Text boxes with concise definitions appear, explaining all terminology while reading. The fourth edition contains nearly 600 clinically relevant species, following all major developments in fungal diagnostics. Regular updates of the Atlas occur, which include numerous references to case reports, as well as expanded data on antifungals.

The online version has regular updates free of charge. This version is platform-independant. An internet connection is required while running the application.
A USB version of the Atlas is available for € 110 (excl. VAT). It has the same features as the online version and is interactive in allowing personal annotations.

The Atlas of Clinical Fungi is an open-end project. Photoplates will gradually be replaced by full colour versions. We appreciate your feed-back on mistakes or omissions. We also welcome pdfs of important publications, etc.