Asterric acid



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Benzoic acid, 2-(2-carboxy-3-hydroxy-5-methylphenoxy)-5-hydroxy-3-methoxy-, 1-methyl ester

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Biosynthesis of phenols. II. Asterric acid, a metabolic product of Aspergillus terreus. Curtis, R. F.; Hassall, C. H.; Jones, D. W.; Williams, T. W. Journal of the Chemical Society (1960), 4838-42. Studies on the metabolic products of Aspergillus terreus. III. Metabolites of the strain IFO 8835. (1). Kiriyama, Noriki; Nitta, Keiichi; Sakaguchi, Yoshiaki; Taguchi, Yasuhisa; Yamamoto, Yuzuru. Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin (1977), 25(10), 2593-601.

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