Aspochalasin F



Systematic name: 

1H-​Oxireno[8,​9]​oxacyclododecino[2,​3-​d]​isoindole-​1,​14(2H)​-​dione, 3,​3a,​4,​6a,​9,​10,​10a,​11a-​octahydro-​4,​5,​8-​trimethyl-​3-​(2-​methylpropyl)​-​, (3S,​3aS,​4R,​6aS,​7E,​10aS,​11aR,​12E,​15aR)​-

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Two new components of the aspochalasins produced by Aspergillus sp. Fang, Fang; Ui, Hideaki; Shiomi, Kazuro; Masuma, Rokuro; Yamaguchi, Yuuichi; Zhang, Cheng Gang; Zhang, Xian Wu; Tanaka, Yoshitake; Omura, Satoshi. Journal of Antibiotics (1997), 50(11), 919-925. Antimalarial activity of radicicol, heptelidic acid and other fungal metabolites. Tanaka, Yoshitake; Shiomi, Kazuro; Kamei, Kiseko; Sugoh-Hagino, Masako; Enomoto, Yumi; Fang, Fang; Yamaguchi, Yuuichi; Masuma, Rokuro; Zhang, Cheng Gang; Zhang, Xian Wu; et al. Journal of Antibiotics (1998), 51(2), 153-160.

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Aspergillus Species known to produce this metabolite: