Aspermutarubrol (Ethericin A, Violaceol I)



Trivial name: 

Ethericin A, Violaceol I

Systematic name: 

1,2-Benzenediol, 3,3'-oxybis[5-methyl-

Molecular formulae: 


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Literature reference: 

Metabolites of microorganisms, 171. Ethericin A; isolation, characterization and structure of a novel antibiotically active diphenyl ether. Koenig, Wilfried A.; Pfaff, Klaus Peter; Loeffler, Wolfgang; Schanz, Dieter; Zaehner, Hans. Justus Liebigs Annalen der Chemie (1978), (8), 1289-96 Isolation and biological activity of aspermutarubrol, a self-growth inhibitor from Aspergillus sydowi. Taniguchi, Makoto; Kaneda, Norimasa; Shibata, Kozo; Kamikawa, Tadao. Fac. Sci., Osaka City Univ., Osaka, Japan. Agricultural and Biological Chemistry (1978), 42(8), 1629-30. Structure...

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