[Aspergillus oryzae as a cause of keratomycosis in the horse].


Marolt J, Naglic T, Hajsig D.
Tierarztl Prax 1984;12(4):489-92


A case of a spontaneous mycokeratitis of a previously injured cornea in a horse is described. The infection was caused by Aspergillus oryzae. After application of Chloramphenicol ophthalmic ointment a corneal clouding was found in the centre which was circularly sharply defined and which - after dispensing Dexamethason-Neomycin eye drops - expanded all over to a purulent keratitis. The demarcated and initially non purulent mycotic lesions largely improved after the application of tincture of iodine, whereas the purulent keratitis could be completely cured only by a lasting treatment with Lugol's solution.