The Aspergillus Genome Database (AspGD), a curated database of Aspergillus gene, protein, and genomic sequence information for the fungal research community.

Martha Arnaud 1, Gail Binkley 1, Marcus Chibucos 2, Maria Costanzo 1, Jonathan Crabtree 2, Stuart Miyasato 1, Prachi Shah 1, Marek Skrzypek 1, Jennifer Russo W ortman 2, and Gavin Sherlock 1

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1Department of Genetics, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-5120 2Institute for Genome Sciences, University of Maryland School of Maryland, Baltimore, MD


W e have recently obtained funding to create a resource for the Aspergillus research community, AspGD, which will be a multispecies genomics database modeled on the Candida and Saccharyomyces Genome Databases. Our goal is to facilitate research on Aspergilli and on other medically and economically important fungal pathogens by providing a first-stop reference for Aspergillus genomics and molecular biology, with up-to-date, high-quality, curated scientific information and web-based research tools. W e will implement an optimized annotation pipeline across all Aspergillus genomes, to maintain a set of current and consistent gene boundary annotations, and will incorporate links between genomes based on orthology and synteny data. Gene function, localization, and mutant phenotype annotations will be manually curated from the Aspergillus literature. W e will provide web-based tools for sequence visualization and retrieval, and for analysis of sequence information and gene product annotations. All of the data in AspGD will be freely available to the public from In addition, we will maintain a colleague registry by which Aspergillus research community members may share contact information and research interests, to facilitate collaboration. W e strive to be responsive to the needs of the research community, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions. AspGD curators may be reached by email at [email protected] AspGD is supported by grant RO1 AI077599 from the NIAID at the NIH.

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6th International Aspergillus Meeting
    • Asperfest 6 (2009)