Aspergillus fumigatus GATA factor AfNsdD affects hyphal growth and secondary metabolism.

Yoon-Hee CHEON 1, Dong-Soon OH 1, Dong-Min HAN 2, and Kap-Hoon HAN 1.

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1Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering, W oosuk University, 565-701, Korea and 2Division of Life Sciences, W onkwang University, 570-749, Korea. [email protected]


Aspergillus fumigatus is a primary causative agent of aspergillosis, which is an opportunistic infectious fungal disease mainly localized in the respiratory system of human and animals. Although, sexual developmental process is recently found in A. fumigatus, its¡ 772; downstream gene regulation process after the mating remains to be identified. To compare whether A. fumigatus has conserved sexual developmental process in molecular level, we identified an ortholog of the nsdD gene, encoding a GATA type transcription factor required for sexual development in a homothallic fungus A. nidulans. Gene expression study showed that the A. nidulans nsdD gene is highly expressed in the hypoxic condition as well as sexual stage. Similarly, the putative ortholog of nsdD in A. fumigatus, named AfnsdD, behaves very similar to A. nidulans nsdD. Knock-out of the AfnsdD gene resulted in highly melanized colony phenotype and retarded hyphal growth, which is very similar to A. nidulans nsdD mutant. This result indicates that the NsdD GATA factor- mediated molecular mechanism is probably conserved in Aspergilli although many of them have no known sexual development. This work was supported by grant from KOSEF (R1- 2006-000-11204-0).

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6th International Aspergillus Meeting
    • Asperfest 6 (2009)