Aspergillus acid D



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2,5-Furandione, 3-[15-(acetyloxy)hexadecyl]-4-methyl-, (R)-

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New secondary metabolites from toxic fungi. Assante, G.; Camarda, L.; Merlini, L.; Nasini, G. (Ist. Chim., Politec. Milano, Milan, Italy). Symp. Pap. - IUPAC Int. Symp. Chem. Nat. Prod., 11th, Volume 2, 171-2. Edited by: Marekov, N.; Ognyanov, I.; Orahovats, A. Izd. BAN: Sofia, Bulg. (English) 2 A facile synthesis and enzymatic resolution of naturally occurring remotely functionalized alkylmethylmaleic anhydrides from Aspergillus wentii: aspergillus acids A-​D. Easwar, Srinivasan; Argade, Narshinha P. Synthesis (2006), (5), 831-838

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