Aspergillosis ENT.

T. Hachicha, Mr. Koubaa, B. Hammami, K. Rekik, C. Marrakchi, I. Maaloul, Ghorbel A., A. Ayedi, Mr. Ben Jemaa


Introduction: Aspergillosis is a ubiquitous fungus primarily affecting the lungs. The extra-pulmonary locations including ENT are present in about 20 to 25%. The aim of this study was to describe the epidemiological, clinical, para-clinical and treatment in the ENT aspergillosis.

Materials and Methods : Retrospective study that included 7 cases of aspergillosis ENT supported in the service of Infectious Diseases from 1990 to 2013.

Results: Our series consists of 5 men and 2 women with a mean age 57.1 [24-78] years. This was 5 cases of malignant external otitis, and 2 cases of sinusitis. The average time of consultation was 93.5 [20-365] days. Six patients were from urban areas. Five patients were diabetic and 4 with cardiovascular disease. The symptomatology was dominated by otorrhoea (5 cases), headache (4 cases), ear pain (4 cases), rhinorrhea (2 cases) and tinnitus (2 cases). Culture isolated Aspergillus spp the atrial level (4 cases) and nasal sinus (2 cases).Imaging showed bone lysis (5 cases), filling the external auditory meatus (2 cases) and a sinus filling (2 cases). A voriconazole-based therapy was prescribed in 6 cases for a mean of 66.4 ± 20 days. Surgery was performed in 1 case. The evolution was complicated by mastoiditis (2 cases) and brain abscess (1 case).

Conclusion: Aspergillosis ENT is rare with few specific symptoms that can mimic a simple ear infection or chronic sinusitis look like. Despite adequate treatment, morbidity remains high.


Full conference title: 

Réunion Interdisciplinaire de Chimiothérapie Anti Infectieuse
    • RICAI 34th (2014)