Asparvenone derivative



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1,4-Naphthalenedione, 6-ethyl-5-hydroxy-7-methoxy-

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Metabolites of Aspergilli. II. Asparvenone and O-methylasparvenone, naphthalenones from Aspergillus parvulus. Chao, P. D.; Schiff, P. L., Jr.; Slatkin, D. J.; Knapp, J. E.; Chao, M.; Rosenstein, R. D. Sch. Pharm., Univ. Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Lloydia (1975), 38(3), 213-17. Metabolites of Aspergilli. Part IV. New naphthalenones and 6-​ethyl-​7-​methoxyjuglone from Aspergillus parvulus. Chao, Pei-Dawn; Schiff, Paul L., Jr.; Slatkin, David J.; Knapp, Joseph E. Journal of Chemical Research, Synopses (1979), (7), 236

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