Application of PCR on detection of aflatoxinogenic molds

Hashemi1, J., Erami2, M.

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1Islamic Azad University, TEHRAN, Iran 2Razi Institute, TEHRAN, Iran


Aflatoxins are carcinogenic metabolites produced by several strains of Aspergillus flavus group in food and feed. To differentiate between aflatoxinogenic and nonaflatoxinogenic A.flavus strains a PCR with four primer sets for nor-1, ver-1 and omt-1 genes coding for key enzymes and aflR gene a regulatory factor in aflatoxin biosynthesis was used. The obtained result was compared with thin layer chromatography, as a conventional method. DNA of fourteen A.flavus strains was extracted by phenol-chloroform procedure and subjected to each primer pair. DNA of four strains was amplified by all four primer pairs and three of them were positive by chromatography. The results indicate that PCR is a rapid method for detecting aflatoxinogenic A.flavus strains, but does not differentiation between them and nonaflatoxinogenic strains completely and further studies should be carried out to develop a suitable screening technique.

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3rd Trends in Medical Mycology
    • TIMM 3rd (2011)