Antifungal drug interactions database and apps for iPhone and Android

Graham Atherton, Susan Banfield, Jennifer Bartholomew and David W. Denning

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National Aspergillosis Centre, University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust, Southmoor Road, Manchester M23 9LT


Adverse drug reactions are frequently serious enough to result in admission to hospital. It is well recognised that adverse drug reactions (ADR) place a significant burden on the health service. Studies performed in an attempt to quantify this have shown adverse drug reactions account for 1 in 16 hospital admissions, and for 4% of hospital bed capacity (1).
Drug:drug interactions (DDI) account for 3-5% of serious adverse reactions and are a common cause of hospital admission(2). Systemic azole antifungal medications have a high potential to cause DDI’s with many prescription drugs (3).
We have developed a quick reference drug interaction database for systemic antifungal drugs. This is now available as a smartphone APP.



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    • ECCMID 24th (2014)