Anti-fibronectin expression in lung, liver, spleen, kidney and thymus during aspergillosis infection using immunohistochemical technique

Batol Imran Dheeb1, Basim Mohammed Khashman

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1Iraqia University, Baghdad, Iraq, 2Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq


Anti fibronectin were investigated in BALB/c mice infected intravenously with 5×106 virulent Aspergillus fumigatus conidia by using immunohistochemistry technique using detection kit(ab80436) and anti fibronectin marker (ab2413) Five groups of animals were studied, including control group (mice not infected with A. fumigatus) these groups were used to study the expression in Two separated periods 7 and 14 day post infection. Each section of socket tissue from organs sample was evaluated for the presence of intracellular brown DAB precipitate indicative of antibody binding. The staining intensity was assessed using a designed scoring system .Expression of Anti fibronectin in the studied organs were shown in the cytoplasm of the tissue cells and detected by IHC technique 


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Microbiology Society Annual Conference
    • MS 2015