Allergic aspergillosis

Recurrent pulmonary shadows 1. 6 Jan 1988 - chest radiograph showing right hilar enlargement, consistent with ABPA.

Recurrent pulmonary shadows 1. 3 Feb 1989 – chest radiograph showing right upper-lobe consolidation and contraction consistent with obstruction of RUL bronchus, in ABPA.

Clearing of pulmonary shadows 3, pt BJ. 5 April 1989 – resolution of shadows seen in February, with a course of corticosteroids.

Recurrence of pulmonary shadows 4, pt BJ. 2 September 1989 – recurrence of pulmonary shadows with an exacerbation of ABPA.

Central bronchiectasis, pt BJ. CT scan of thorax October 1989 showing central bronchiectasis, characteristic of ABPA (and cystic fibrosis).

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