ALL with disseminated aspergillosis associated with Aspergillus flavus infection

This patient was 28 yr old with adult lymphocytic leukaemia. She received induction chemotherapy and this infection developed 2 days after recovering from neutropenia.

A,B,&C the patient had multiple erythematous lesions on the skin, some of the lesions were papular and showed necrotic tissue.

D,E,F & G MRI brain scans showed multiple bilateral nodular lesions in the frontal, parietal and occipital areas. Lesions were 0.7 - 2cm in diameter involving both peripheral and central areas of the brain. G- illustrates a small well defined lesion in the posterior fossa.

H,I & J CT scans of lungs showing nodular lesions in both lungs with infiltrates. - exhibits the classic halo sign - suggestive of aspergillus infection. J illustrates that some associated pleural effusion was present.

The patient was exposed to high levels of mould during treatment for ALL as a result of a leaking pipe and extensive mould damage to wallcoverings in her home.

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