Air Quality: Links to Relevant Sites

(The following links are a small selection of resources which may be helpful, but is not intended to be an exhaustive list, nor are we responsible for the content of any website linked here.)

  World Health Organisation (WHO) Indoor air quality guidelines for dampness and mould


  SDAP - Structural database of all allergenic proteins
  Allergome Comprehensive information on allergens
  The International Commission on Indoor Fungi (ICIF) is an independant international body.

Its aims are:

to improve any or all aspects of indoor mycology
to improve the accuracy of identifications of indoor fungi in research and private laboratories
to establish a reference culture collection
to carry out proficiency testing

  The Centre for Disease Control & Prevention (USA government body) holds a collection of articles relating to molds in the home & workplace
  The Patients Section of this site has a links section related to air quality.
  Penn State University - Indoor Environmental Center

Bioaerosols sampling and detection
Fungi and Bacteria in ventilation systems
Sick Building syndrome
Airborne Pathogen Database

  The Microbial World - by Jim Deacon at Edinburgh University has a section on:
  Air Sampling Methods
  National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit has a section on outdoor air:

Air Sampling
Spore Identification
Pollen and mould forcasting

  Environmental Microbiology Laboratory, Inc. (air quality testing laboratory in North America), has useful sections on:
  Air sampling -spore traps
Surface testing
Fungal library
  Health and Safety Executive (UK government body): has a number of relevant articles.
  Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (UK):



  Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA):Responsible for air quality in the UK
  Housing standards: Directgov: UK government public service, guidelines for tenants & getting your landlord to carry out repairs to prevent a hazard to health.
  Indoor & External Air Quality Industry Standards
  BRE Group (UK construction industry research): Indoor air quality
  IAQUK Indoor Air Quality UK 
  UK Indoor Environments Group
  US Surgeon General Workshop on a Healthy Indoor Environment ​(2005)
  Pathogen Control Engineering (Leeds, UK)
  Indoor Air Quality and Health (Exeter UK)
  Damp & Indoor Air, National Aspergillosis Centre, Manchester UK
  ISIAQ International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (US - home of the Indoor Air Journal)