Aetiologies of prolonged cough in Thai adults: the roles of Bordetella pertussis and atypical pathogens

N. Siriyakorn*, P. Leethong, S. Sripakdee, A. Kerdsin, S. Dejsirilert, T. Tantawichien

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(Nakhon Ratchasima, Bangkok, Nonthaburi, TH)


Although pertussis traditionally has been considered a disease of childhood, it was well-documented in adults nearly a century ago and is currently recognized as an important respiratory tract infection in adolescents, adults and elderly. The epidemiology of pertussis in the Asian region seems poised for a similar change. B. pertussis infections are well known to cause prolonged cough, often this diagnosis is conditions of both PCR assays. PCR assay for the detection of Aspergillus DNA could be an important additional diagnostic approach. It’s faster, but need a suitable extraction method.

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22nd European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
    • ECCMID 22nd (2012)