Acute pulmonary aspergillosis in association with chemotherapy for acute myelogenous leuaemia (Paediatric)

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7-year-old Caucasian male received chemotherapy for treatment of acute myelogenous leukemia. The patient presented with moderate fever and pain when taking a deep breath, mild tachypnea and two lesions in the right lung consistent with invasive aspergillosis. A culture from a lung biopsy was positive for Aspergillus flavus. The patient completed therapy with 42 days micafungin in combination with AmBisome after failing 2 days empirical therapy with combination AmBisome and itraconazole, 1 day 200 mg itraconazole, 5 days combination therapy with 7.8 mg/kg/day AmBisome and 600 mg/day itraconazole and 1 day therapy with 7.8 mg/kg/day AmBisome.


  • Aspergillus flavus