81 Glycosyl-Inositolphosphatidyl-ceramide-anchored molecules and Aspergillus fumigatus cell wall

Thierry Fontaine1 Catherine Simenel Bernadette Coddeville3 Corina Costachel1, Muriel Delepierre2, Mike A.J. Ferguson4 Jean-Paul Latgé1

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Fungal plasma membrane is an active interface between the cell wall and the cytoplasm and is the site of synthesis of most structural polysaccharides. Accordingly, lipid-anchored molecules putatively associated to plasma membrane are expected to b


1 Unití© des Aspergillus, 2 Laboratoire de RMN, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France 3 Unití© de Glycobiologie structurale et fonctionnelle, Universití© de Lille I, 4 Division of biological chemistry and molecular microbiology, University of Dundee, Wellcome Trust Biocentre, Dundee, UK.

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The First International Fungal / Plant Cell Wall Meeting
    • International Fungal / Plant Cell Wall Meeting 1st