3 yr old boy with CNS aspergillosis

Image e. 3 yr old boy with CNS aspergillosis pt TS. Scan 6 weeks post treatment.
<p>A 3 year old boy, quite active and healthy clinically, who has CNS aspergillosis. He was first seen about 4 months ago for a red eye, which turned out to be panophthalmitis; culture yielded&nbsp;<em>Aspergillus&nbsp;spp</em>. He received 2 weeks of iv amphotericin and was sent home by the ophthalmologists. No h/o eye trauma. He returned 2 weeks ago with focal fits, and the MR showed several lesions bilaterally (including ring enhancing lesions) and normal sinuses, and a brain&nbsp;bx&nbsp;showed fungal hyphae (no culture this time). His immune status (normal&nbsp;WCC&nbsp;and neutrophil function so far) was investigated.</p> <p>He was given conventional amphotericin for 8 weeks, and switched to oral itraconazole. We had to limit the&nbsp;ampho&nbsp;to 0.7 mg/kg owing to toxicity (mainly&nbsp;hypokalaemia).</p> <p>The MRI scan was repeated at about 6 weeks, and generally showed good improvement (scans e-h). The enhancement/flare were gone but remained in a few lesions, the lesions themselves were all either gone or much smaller. Further investigations revealed the child was&nbsp;immunocompetent.</p> <p>Patient was switched from amphotericin to oral itraconazole at week 8 essentially on a clinical assessment. Awaiting follow-up.</p>

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