N. Colon Carrion, C. Lozada-Troche


Rice is one of the most important crops worldwide. Approximatetly 75% of human population includes this grain on their daily diet due to its nutritional value. In nature and after harvesting various pathogens can cause grain deterioration and contamination. Among these pathogens microscopic fungi represent a very important treat due to mycotoxin production. Our main objective was to analyze the endophytic fungi that grow on rice grains (original and brown) from one commercial brand. We quantified and identified the fungi that grew on rice grains cultured on Sabouraud Dextrose Agar. Results indicated that 10% of original sterilized rice grains showed endophytic fungal growth while for brown grains was 44%. Non-sterilized rice grains exhibited a higher percentage of fungal growth, 20% on original and 56% for brown. Original rice grains had a higher diversity of fungal genera than brown grains.Asperguillus and Penicillum, which contain mycotoxin producing species, were the most abundant genera on brown rice.


abstract No: 

Fungal Endophytes on Rice Grains

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115th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology
    • ASM 115th (2015)