The sub Clinical environmental investigations have proven to provide diagnostic leads to the clinicians . Mycoses involving Aspergillus and other genera . Case studies , exposure assessment and findings

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J Dumanov1*, M Rudenko1,2, K Lane1, H Badali3

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1subCLinical Research Group, Mycological Institute EU US, NJ, USA
2London Allergy and Immunology Centre, London, UK
3Department of Molecular and Medical Mycology, Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, Sari, Iran

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6th Advances Against Aspergillosis 2014


In clinical practice it is very important to find out if the particular symptoms are related to a specific
allergen or pathogen, and if exposure in a home or working environment has a causative effect.
The methods of identification of the environmental factors (Aspergilli and other fungi) that are
clinically relevant by causing allergic, toxic, and potentially invasive effect in non-immunosuppressed
patients and moreover in the immunocompromised individuals may be of interest to the physician
has been an elusive challenge for hygienists.
23 highly integrated and differentiated (allergy, immunology and toxicology) investigations were
conducted where fungal causes were suspected. Patient medical history, current diagnosis, applied
differentials with targeted and focused exposure sampling leading to relevant data collection with
subsequent identification and reporting were performed in our centre.
Clinically based investigations of human habitations where suspected fungal were identified caused
have provided relevant information to clinicians showing fungi as diagnostic leads in cases where
such agents were suspected to be present. This confirms validity of the methods for sample collection,
identification and reporting have had outcomes for patient health and recovery.
In cases of suspected fungal related illnesses subClinical environmental investigations when
prescribed by the dotor have been shown effective in showing clinical relevancy of suspected fungal
agents may provide additional diagnostic leads to the physicians.

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Conference Year: 2014

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