The importance of incorporating asexual fungi in to the natural classification system

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D.N.N. Wijayawardene, P.W. Crous, Y. Wang, K.D. Hyde

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Department of Plant Pathology, Agriculture College, Guizhou University, 550025, P.R. China

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Asian Mycological Congress 2013 and the 13th International Marine and Freshwater Mycology Symposium

Date: 19 August 2014


Pleomorphic fungi caused considerable confusion among mycologists and plant pathologists. To deal with pleomorphism, the dual nomenclature system was proposed, allowing different morphs of a fungus to have two different names. This became even more complicated when some fungi proved to be synanamorphic. In such cases a single biological species had more than two names and this rule caused a proliferation of fungal names. Connections between sexual and asexual morphs were previously chiefly based on co-occurrence on the same substrate. Cultural methods however, proved more reliable to
confirm links between the morphs. Following the use of molecular methods several of these established
links have been shown to be incorrect. Molecular-based analyses are much reliable and this reliability meant that the dual nomenclature system is no longer needed. We are now in a phase where we need to link asexual and sexual morphs by means of molecular analysis, and must choose between one of their previous names. These names will be published in lists that need to be accredited in time for the next International Botanical Congress in 2017. Asexual fungi, which were previously considered as a separate group, can also be incorporated in a natural classification system. These changes are causing some
controversy particularly among plant pathologists, quarantine officers and in industrial settings. However, we predict that in ten years from now this will have been a storm in a tea cup, and all fungi will be known
by a single name and perhaps a nickname (the other morph). In this paper examples of the process willbe provided.

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Conference Year: 2013

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