Stereotactic-Navigated Bronchoscopy for Biopsy of Lung Nodules – from Cancer to Infection?

Dr Kelvin Lau

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Cardiothoracic Lead, St Bartholomew's Hospital


Navigation bronchoscopy is an incision-less and painless, non-invasive technique which allows you to reach almost anywhere in the lungs. Once at the lesion, various techniques could be used to sample, lavage and treat the lesions. This has particular benefits in cavitating lesions as it allows lavage of the cavity and biopsy of the wall of the cavity to distinguish between fungal infection, malignancy or the coexistence of the two, as well as providing material for culture. All this could be done without the risk of pleural contamination from percutaneous, transpleural approaches.


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13th Annual Fungal Update
    • Fungal Update 2018