The sensitization of different fungus and correlation analysis of aspergillus fumigatus components sIgE level in patients with ABPA and aspergillus sensitized asthma

Wenting Luo, Baoqing Sun


Rationale: Fungi allergens were the important inhaled allergens in the patients with respiratory allergic diseases. Aspergillus allergens was a risk factor for severe asthma, and important pathogenic factors for ABPA. The sensitizations of fingi allergens and aspergillus components of respiratory allergic disease were few reported in Asiatic countries. This paper focus on the sensitizations of fungi allergens and aspergillus components allergen in patients with respiratory allergic disease, explore the relationship between mold and respiratory allergic disease.

Methods: 136 cases of fungal sensitization patients with respiratory allergic disease were included, using ImmunoCAP1000 system testing patients serum allergen extract slgE, including penicillumnotatum, branching cinerea, aspergillus fumigates, candida albicans, alternaria and helminthosporium. After that patients with aspergillus sIgE ≥3.5kU/L, including 17 asthma and 12 ABPA, aspergillus components sIgE were further detected and analysis, including Asp f 1, 2, 3, 4 and Asp f 6.

Results: 1. 84.6% patients were sensitized to 2 or more than 2 fungal allergens, aspergillus had the highest positive rate. There significant high correlation between the 6 fungal allergens extract sIgE (all rs>0.80, P<0.01). 2. 44.4%patents were positive to all aspergillus components sIgE. There different degrees of correlations between components (all rs>0.38, P<0.01). ABPA patients’ Asp f 1/2/6 sIgE were significant higher than patients with aspergillus sensitized asthma (P<0.05).

Conclusions: Aspergillus were the most important fungal allergen in China. There might be wide cross-react between fungal extract allergen. Asp f 1 and 2 were the main aspergillus components. Asp f 1/2/6 might helps identify diagnosis of ABPA and aspergillus sensitized asthma.


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The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology 2017
    • AAAAI 2017 (73rd)