LaeA8208;directed natural product discoveries

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Author: Nancy Keller, Saori Amaike, JinWoo Bok, Yiming Chiang, Ry Forseth, Dirk Hoffmeister, Fang Yun Lim, Berl Oakley, Daniel Schenk, Frank Schroeder, Ali Soukup, Clay Wang, Wenbing Yin

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Medical Microbiology and Immunology-The University of Wisconsin

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11 th European Conference on Fungal Genetics


Several years ago the methyltransferase LaeA was identified in a mutagenesis screen for genes important in
secondary metabolite (also termed natural products) synthesis in the model ascomycete Aspergillus nidulans.
Since its discovery, LaeA has been characterized as a conserved member of the fungal specific nuclear Velvet
Complex required for orchestration of fungal secondary metabolism with morphological and physiological
competence in many Ascomycete genera.   The power of LaeA led the discovery of a number of fungal natural
products and their associated biosynthetic pathways to understand hows and whys of fungal natural product
formation.  This has proven unrivaled by any other single fungal protein as demonstrated by pertinent examples of
our newest understanding of LaeA directed fungal biology in Aspergillus species.

Abstract Number: PL3.2

Conference Year: 2012

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