Genome sequence and comparative analysis of Aspergillus oryzae sake strains

Ref ID: 18325


Takanori Nomura , Tomoaki Fujimura , Kenta Oda , Kazuhiro

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Osamu Yamada . Hiroshima university, Hiroshima, Japan. National Research Institute of Brewing, Hiroshima, Japan. SYSMEX

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Asperfest 8


Aspergillus oryzae has been used for Japanese traditional fermentation industry and some different strains were selected and used for each product
according to their character. In our previous work, we reported the phylogenic analysis of industrial A. oryzae strains using DNA microarray and the
correlation between the clade and their use. In this work, we performed genome sequence analysis of two A. oryzae sake strains belong to two different
clade using high-throughput DNA sequencer and compared with the RIB40 genome. We isolated genome DNA from RIB128 and RIBOIS01 strains and
applied for 454 genome sequencer. The genes of assembled contigs were further annotated using Spaln and BLAST. As the result, the genome size of
RIB128 and RIBOIS01 strains were 36.9 and 37.8 Mbps, and the homology of conserved genes were 99.42 and 99.65 % in average comparing RIB40.
Large deletion and insertion, more than 500 bps, was identified in both genomes and 577 (RIB128) and 337 (RIBOIS01) new genes were founded in the
inserted regions. Furthermore, several inter chromosomal recombination was identified in both genome. Now we are examining for the second metabolite
gene clusters in these genomes.

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Conference Year: 2011

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