Epidemiology of Pulmonary Aspergilloma in Pneumology Department

S. Chhorn1, V. Mich2, C. Ang3;

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1university of health science, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2Pnumology Ward, Khmer-Societ Friendship Univ Hosp, Phnom Penh City, Cambodia, 3cabinet, Cabinet Medical, Versailles 78000, France.


Introduction: Pulmonary aspergilloma is a rare disease, normally secondary to preexisting lung cavity, in this study, 14 patients with clinically diagnosed of pulmonary aspergilloma, radiological (fungal ball) & anapath were analyzed. METHOD: This is a retrospective study for two years from 2014 to 2016 on all cases of pulmonary aspergilloma, diagnosed in the department of pulmonology & thoracic surgery at Khmer-Soviet friendshipe hospital, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Results: 14 files were recruited. Sex radio H / F = 3.6. average age of patients was 46.7 years. The most common symptom is haemoptysis (86%). The essential past history of aspergilloma is pulmonary tuberculosis that we found 13 cas (93%). In this 13 cas, there are 3 patients only had 1 time of anti TB treatment & other 10 patients were treated with anti-TB more than 2 times with negative of AFB (because the patients had repeted haemoptysis). Only one patients who had no past history of pulmonary tuberculosis, but she had diabetes II not well control. Surgical treatment was the standard treatment. 11 cases were operated : 6 cases (42.85%) did lobectomy, 1 case (7.14%) did bi lobectomy, 4 cases (28.57%) did pneumonectomy. 2 cases (14.28%) loss of follow-up, 1 case (7.14%) we observe. Diagnosis certainty is anatomopathology of surgical parts: 7 cases (50%) had anatomopathology confirmed, 3 cases (21.4%) lost the result & 4 cases (28.57%) did not do. No serology aspergillose was done. Conclusion: pulmonary aspergilloma generally affected in patients with pulmonary sequelae, especially the preexisting lung cavity. Pulmonary tuberculosis with lung cavity is an essential past history of pulmonary aspergilloma. Post-tuberculosis hemoptysis is not equal to new tuberculosis. Diagnosis based on clinical, radiological & anatomopathology in my country, but serology aspergillus is importance too. Surgery remains the standard treatment for pulmonary aspergilloma.


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A5533 / P1314

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The American Thoracic Society Conference 2018
    • ATS 2018