Author: R. Sabino1 , E. Segal2

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1Reference Unit for Parasitic and Fungal Infections, Infectious Diseases, National Health Institute Dr.
Ricardo Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal, 2Sackler School of Medicine Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Israel

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9th Trends in Medical Mycology Conference 2019

Date: 8 November 2019


Abstract: Exposure to environmental fungi, whether this occurs indoors or outdoors, in leisure activities, in the workplace or in the home, is an everyday occurrence. Different types of environment may contain variable levels of fungal particles and include viable and non-viable yeasts, conidia, hyphal fragments, as well as fragments derived from the fungal cell wall. Mycotoxins and other volatile organic compounds should also be considered as environmental potential hazards. Recognition of the importance of the environment as a source of human infection has come about, at least in part, as result of the emergence of an unprecedented number of ubiquitous environmental fungi as major causes of disease. Exposure to environmental fungi is associated with high number of hospital admissions, and asthma related ailments. Allergic bronchopulmonary mycosis, rhinosinositis, asthma with fungal sensitization and hypersensivity pneumonitis are among the diseases more frequently associated with fungal exposure. In addition, immunocompromised patients are at higher risk for the development of invasive infections. Changes in environmental factors, including changing land-use patterns, use of antifungals in agriculture, and climate changes have led to epidemiological shifts. Therefore, special attention should be paid in regard to the isolated fungal species. Environmental fungal species such as Aspergillus spp., Mucorales, Candida spp., dermatophytes and dimorphic fungi will be discussed during this session; emphasizing their importance as etiological agents of fungal infections.

Abstract Number: M12

Conference Year: 2019

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