Candida: A causative agent of an emerging infection

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Author: Ghannoum, M. A.

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Ghannoum, MA, Case Western Reserve Univ, Univ Hosp Cleveland, Ctr Med Mycol, LKS 5028, 11100 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106 USA

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49th Montagna Annual Symposium on the Biology of Skin

Date: 7 December 2014


Incidences of infections due to Candida have increased over the last 15-20 y. This increase in the incidence and the high associated mortality rate despite therapy has focused the attention on this disease and prompted investigators to undertake research aimed at understanding the pathogenesis of this disease as well as methods to treat it. This paper discusses recent developments in the Candida field and the impact they have on patient management.

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Conference Year: 2000

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