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ISHAM 20th (2018)
Title Author Yearsort ascending No. Poster
Emerging Emergomyces africanus in Africa N. P. Govender1 , T.G. Maphanga1 , I.S. Schwartz2 2018 S7.3a
Relationship between Dermatophyte Infections and Occupational Distribution in parts of the Savannah region of Nigeria A. Chuku1, W. Chuku2, A.E. Aderomu3 2018 S8.7a
Applying DNA barcoding for clinical diagnosis G. Cardinali1, L. Corte1, L. Roscini1, C. Colabella1 , M. Bassetti3, C. Tascini4 , W. Meyer 5, D. Vu6, V. Robert6 2018 S8.4c
The immunoglycobiology of fungal pathogens H. M. Mora-Montes 2018 S8.1b
Enzymatic antioxidant defense systems in Scedosporium species J. P. Bouchara1,2 , C. Staerck1a , P. Vandeputte1,2, S. Mina1b, A. Gastebois1 , S. Giraud1 , A. Calenda1 , N. Papon1 , M.J.J. Fleury1 2018 S7.5a
Validation of the DermaGenius R  2.0; a multiplex real-time PCR for the identification of dermatophytes species in nail, hair and skin D. Van Tegelen, G. Gaajetaan, T. Kampermann, G. Dingemans 2018 S8.7f
Epithelial activation by Candida species J. R. Naglik 2018 S7.2a
Genetic predictors of response to antifungals in IFD M. Lackner 2018 S8.6b
Lahun Pyramid, More Surprising Treasures Are Revealed: Fungal Diversity Analysis Using Amplicon-BasedMetagenomic Approach S. Soliman, M. Magdy 2018 S8.2d
Cutaneous disseminated sporotrichosis: Clinical experience of 24 cases A. Bonifaz1 , j. Araiza1 , R.J. Trevin˜ o-Rangel2 , G.M. Gonza´ lez3 2018 S7.6d
Migration of Coccidioides posadasii into South America BRIDGET M Barker1 , MARCUS M Teixeira1 , GEORGE Thompson2 2018 S7.3b
Inflammation of the gut alters the microbial balance and leads to Candida glabrata cell wall remodeling S. Jawhara1, Y. Pruvost2, G. Tumba2, F. Istel3, D. Poulain2 , K. Kuchler3, B. Sendid2, R. Charlet4 2018 S8.7b
Improving fungal diagnosis via dual fungal DNA barcoding M. T.V Hoang, L Irinyi, K Maszewska, S Chen, T Sorrell, W Meyer 2018 S8.4d
The cell wall of A.fumigatus and its impact on fungal virulence J-P. Latge 2018 S8.1c
N-chlorotaurine, a potential agent for the topical treatment of scedosporiosis and lomentosporiosis M. Lackner, U. Binder, M Nagl 2018 S7.5b
An alarming epidemic of clinically striking and frequently relapsing steroid-modified dermatophytoses in India - a public health concern P. Nenoff1, S. B. Verma2 , R. Vasani3, S. Uhrlaβ4 2018 S8.7g
The Immunopathogenesis of Candida Vaginitis P.L. Fidel 2018 S7.2b
Taxonomy of Mucor L. Wagner1, S. De Hoog2, O. Kurzai3 , G. Walther1 2018 S8.6e
Voriconazole resistance and mortality in 196 Aspergillus fumigatus culture-positive patients with invasive aspergillosis P. P. Lestrade1 , R.G. Bentvelsen2 , A.F.A.D Schauwvlieghe3, S Schalekamp4 , W.J Van der Velden4 , E.J. Kuiper2, J. Van Paassen2 , B. Van der Hoven3 , H.A. Van der Lee4 , W.J.G. Melchers4 , A.F. De Haan4 , H.L Van der Hoeven4 , B.J.A. Rijnders3 , M.T. Van der Beek2 , P.E. Verweij4 2018 S8.3d
Diagnostic biomarkers and imaging - what is different in children T. Lehrnbecher 2018 S7.7b
Molecular epidemiology of Colombian Histoplasma capsulatum (Hc) isolates showed their polyphyletic behavior and indicated chicken manure as one infection source L. F. Gomez Londono1, M. Arango Arteaga1, J.G. McEwen Ochoa1, A. Zuluaga2, C.A. Pelaez Jaramillo1, J.M. Acevedo Ruiz1, M.L. Taylor3, M.P Jimenez Alzate1 2018 S7.3d
Antifungal drug resistance of Trichophyton clinical isolates M. Monod1, M. Fratti1 , T. Yamada2 2018 S8.7c
Immunity to Candida vaginitis F. De Bernardis1, S. Graziani1 , F. Tirelli2 , S. Antonopoulou3 2018 S8.5a
Characterization of Candida albicans small ORFs upregulated aftermacrophage phagocytosis reveals the novel microadhesin Sma12 E.M. Vesely, M.C. Lorenz 2018 S8.1d
Sexual reproduction and the evolution of eukaryotic microbial pathogens J. Heitman 2018 S3.1b