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AAAAI 2017 (73rd)
Title Author Yearsort ascending No. Poster
Study on the Clinical and Immunological Characteristics of Fungal Sensitive Asthma and Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis Peiyan Zheng, Baoqing Sun 2017 91
The sensitization of different fungus and correlation analysis of aspergillus fumigatus components sIgE level in patients with ABPA and aspergillus sensitized asthma Wenting Luo, Baoqing Sun 2017 93
Omalizumab Treatment in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis (ABPA): a Case Series 2017 92
Diversity of Viable Airborne Fungi in Tulsa, Oklahoma Josh D. McLoud, Estelle Levetin, PhD FAAAAI 2017 89
Relative Allergen Content of Commercial Aspergillus Fumigatus Extracts Determined by Human Monoclonal IgE Mark Wurth, MD PhD, Dennis J. Horvath, PhD, Scott A. Smith, MD, PhD 2017 797
Clinical Findings of Patients with Autonomal Dominant Hyper IgE Syndrome (HIES) in Usidnet Yael Gernez, MD PhD, Elizabeth Garabedian, RN, Angela Tsuang, MD MS, Tukisa Smith, MD, MS, Julien Mansini, MD MS, Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles, MD PhD 2017 350
Comparison of Airborne Mold in the Mojave Desert and Las Vegas Tanviben Patel, MPH, Alyssa Panning, David Rivas, Hongbin Jin, PhD, MPH, RN, Mark Buttner, PhD, Dennis Bazylinski, PhD, Joram S. Seggev, MD FAAAAI 2017 90
An Association Between Indoor Fungal Spore Count, Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Status in Children with Asthma Hani Hadi, MD 2017 275
Defining the Extent of Allergenic Cross-reactivity among Mold Species Greg A Plunkett, Michelle L Bolner 2017 798
A Health Literacy Readability Analysis of Online Allergy and Immunology-Based Patient Education Resources Arpan V Prabhu, BS, Tudor Crihalmeanu, BA, David R Hansberry, MD, PhD, Nitin Agarwal, MD, Michael J Fine, MD 2017 468
A Case of Familial Invasive Aspergillosis of Unknown Etiology Ali Doroudchi, Brian D. Modena, MD,MS 2017 658
ERS 28th (2018)
Title Author Yearsort ascending No. Poster
National survey on management of adult bronchiectasis by respiratory physicians in Belgium K Schoovaerts1, N Lorent1, P Goeminne2, L Dupont1 2018 475
An extensive bundle of tests is needed to detect treatable causes of bronchiectasis (Bx) E Franceschi1, S Aliberti1, M Seia2, L Porcaro2, V Bianchi3, E Consalvo4, A Corsico5, I Ferrarotti5, M Gaffuri6, L Roncoroni6, B Vigone7, A Gramegna1, M Contarini1, F Amati1, N Borsa1, F Nava1, N Vanoni1, A Bellofiore1, C Del Monaco1, L Terranova8, M Oriano1, L Cariani9, F Caprioli10, M Nosotti11, F Blasi1 2018 3708
ABPA screening in bronchiectasis: is there a grey zone? P Faverio1, G Bonaiti1, A Stainer1, F De Giacomi1, S Zucchetti1, B D Bodini2, F Bini3, A Pesci1 2018 1460
Diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis: what place is left for thoracic surgery? S Zairi1, S Louhaichi1, A Dridi2, M Abdennadher1, H Zribi1, H Daghfous3, E Brahem4, A Ayadi4, S Ouerghi2, F Tritar3, F Mezni4, A Marghli1 2018 3944
Post-flood risks of inhalatory exposure to Aspergillus section Flavi D Jakšić1, M Sertić2, A Mornar Turk2, D Kifer3, N Kopjar4, B Nigović2, M Šegvić Klarić1 2018 4433
Azoles therapeutic drug monitoring and fungal antimicrobial resistance in adults with Cystic Fibrosis M Di Paolo1, K Dave1, A Vijayasingam1, R Sheth1, E Luke1, A Scourfield2, L Nwankwo2, S Schelenz2, J S Elborn1, D Armstrong-James2, A Shah1 2018 2383
10 Year evaluation of patients with severe uncontrolled allergic asthma treated with Omalizumab. O Růžičková-Kirchnerová1, P Moláčková1, M Teřl1, P Vaník2, P Panzner3 2018 4096
Paragonimus westermani infection manifested as pulmonary cavity and adrenal gland mass: case report H J Kim1, Y Kwon2 2018 899
The prevalence and diversity of fungi in respiratory samples of cystic fibrosis patients – a Dutch, nationwide, prospective, multicentre study T Engel1, L Slabbers1, C De Jong1, W Melchers1, F Hagen2, P Verweij1, P Merkus1, J Meis2 2018 519
Detecting the presence of fungal signals in the asthmatic airway A Sullivan1, E B Hunt2, S Lapthorne3, C Ward4, J Eustace5, P M Byrne6, B J Plant7, J Macsharry8, D M Murphy9 2018 3837
Allergic diseases of upper and lower airways caused by fungi: one or two diseases? A Barac1, P Minic2, A Dudvarski Ilic3 2018 1506
Effectiveness of itraconazole and systemic steroids in the treatment of ABPA K Agarwal1, G Bhati2, G Singh3, S N Gaur4, A Chowdhary5 2018 4427
The prevalence and diversity of fungi in respiratory samples of cystic fibrosis patients – a Dutch, nationwide, prospective, multicentre study T Engel1, L Slabbers1, C De Jong1, W Melchers1, F Hagen2, P Verweij1, P Merkus1, J Meis2 2018 0519
Prospective study on clinical and immunological Aspergillus categorization in cystic fibrosis. S Kaufmann1, J F Röhmel1, P Eschenhagen1, A Mehl1, C Meinus1, D Staab1, V Rickerts2, K Seidel2, P Bacher1, A Scheffold1, C Schwarz1 2018 4810