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ATS 2018
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Does Improved Lung Health Change the Incidence of Cystic Fibrosis-Related Diabetes? L. Perrem, S. Stanojevic, M. Solomon, E. Horton, S. Carpenter, F. A. Ratjen 2018 A2842 / 210
Moldy Hay and the Cirrhotic Farmer: The First Case of Peniophora Lung Infection L. Miranda1, O. Epelbaum2, H. Assallum3, G. Miranda4; 2018 A5467 / P1246
Single Lung Transplant: Don’t Forget the Native Lung B. A. Jalil, M. Howsare, A. M. Ramirez, D. R. Nunley; 2018 A6566 / P1011
Fatal Outcome in a Patient with Cystic Fibrosis and Candia Blankii Infection: A Case Report C. L. Grizales1, D. Duarte1, J. Escobar2, P. Perez3, J. A. Patiño3, L. Fernandez4, C. S. Leib5, Biomedical Research Group in Thorax; 2018 A5594 / P1037
Characterizing Bronchoalveolar Lavages and Bronchial Casts in Patients with Congenital Heart Disease and Plastic Bronchitis at Time of Percutaneous Lymphatic Intervention A. Geanacopoulos1, Y. Dori2, M. Itkin3, E. Pinto2, J. Johnstone2, J. Piccione1, S. Goldfarb1; 2018 A6318 / 207
Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis (ABPA) in Children - Does It Need Different Criteria for Diagnosis? M. Singh1, M. Singh1, A. Chauhan1, M. Verma1, A. Chakrabarti2; 2018 A1433 / P963
A Case of Mycobacterium Simiae in an Immunocompetent Post-Menopausal Woman with Persistent Cough E. A. Libre, V. S. Katikineni; 2018 A1962 / P222
Delayed Diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis in a 62 Year Old Female Leading to Bilateral Lung Transplant A. Vijayaraman1, M. Azevedo1, S. E. Kirkby2; 2018 A6719 / P740
Role of Autophagic Markers During Clearance of Aspergillus Fumigatus from Epithelial Cells M. Goyal1, M. Singh1, A. Chakrabarti2, A. K. Ghosh2; 2018 A3864 / P955
Is Liver Cirrhosis A Risk Factor for Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis: An Open Question R. Velasquez1, P. Srivastava1, S. Alvarez1, K. Lee2, A. Dhand3, O. Epelbaum4; 2018 A5524 / P1305
Up in Smoke: A Rare Case of Hookah-Induced Streptococcus Viridans Pneumonia T. Kukkadapu1, L. Jia2, J. Keshavamurthy2, J. N. Gonzales3; 2018 A3595 / P14
A Case of Temozolomide Chemoradiotherapy Induced Pneumocystis Jirovecii Pneumonia in a Non-HIV Patient J. Q. Yin1, P. Patel2, T. Thompson1; 2018 A5412 / P1190
Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis with Elevated IgE: A Novel Subtype? V. Patel1, W. Khan2; 2018 A6482 / P860
High Frequency of Atopy with Geographic Variation in Non-Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis . Tiew1, M. Mac Aogain1, A. Lim2, T. Low3, G. Tan4, T. Hassan5, S. Pang6, Z. Lee6, X. Gwee6, C. Martinus6, Y. Sio6, S. Matta6, T. Ong4, R. Keir7, M. Koh4, J. A. Abisheganaden2, J. D. Chalmers7, F. Chew6, S. H. Chotirmall1; 2018 A1287 / P1028
Endobronchial Histoplasmosis in a Pediatric Patient Y. Yu1, C. R. Esther2; 2018 A5672 / P1119
Endobronchial Mass, 1 Year After Successful Bilateral Lung Transplant M. Azar1, C. Zhang2, D. Roe3, C. Hage3; 2018 A6963 / P22
A Case of Disseminated Mucormycosis in a Patient with Graft Versus Host Disease M. Yeager1, R. Abdul Rahman2, R. J. Schilz3; 2018 A5306 / P768
Aspergillus-Infected Pneumatocele in Hyper-Immunoglobulin E Syndrome D. Rai, L. Valclavik, W. Shandera; 2018 A4792 / P866
Allergen Sensitization and Asthma Outcomes Among World Trade Center Rescue and Recovery Workers B. Rojano1, E. West1, E. Goodman1, S. Markowitz2, D. J. Harrison3, L. E. Crowley1, P. J. Busse4, J. P. Wisnivesky1; 2018 A1894 / P1092
Efficacy of Mucolytic Treatment in Decreasing Airway Resistance and Increasing Mucus Clearance in a Mouse Model of Allergic Asthma L. Morgan, D. Raclawska, C. M. Evans; 2018 A7187 / P1423
Welcome to the Dark Side: A Case of Black Pleural Fluid J. Hirsh, C. T. Erb, W. H. Fares; 2018 A3217 / P818
Pulmonary Aspergillus Overlap Syndrome - A Case Report J. Akhtar1, A. Lal1, R. Rosiello2; 2018 A5426 / P1204
Recurrent Pulmonary Embolism in a Compost Plant Worker A. Lal1, J. Akhtar1, H. Grewal1, J. Popkin1, K. B. Martin2; 2018 A3534 / P83
Trichosporonosis in an Immunocompromised Patient Presenting as a Tracheal Mass with Positive Galactomannan Assay S. R. Wappel1, O. Kalchiem-Dekel1, V. Nyemba2, M. Kleinberg2, A. Sachdeva3, E. Pickering3; 2018 A5470 / P1249
A Case of Acute Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis Due to Cannabis Dabbing L. S. Richman, J. Whitaker, W. V. Kinnard; 2018 A6636 / P1084