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In vivo pharmacodynamic evaluation of the novel antifungal agent APX001 in a murine model of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis against wild-type and Cyp51 mutant Aspergillus fumigatus strains Alex Lepak*1, Miao Zhao2, David Andes1 2019 O1066
In vitro antifungal susceptibility testing of cryptic species of Aspergillus: a multi-centre study Sebastien Imbert*1,2, Anne Cecile Normand1, Frédéric Gabriel3, Christine Bonnal4, Laurence Lachaud5, Damien Costa6, Sophie Cassaing7, Lilia Hasseine8, Christine Schuttler9, Lise Kristensen 10, Hélène Raberin11, Sophie Brun 12, Renaud Piarroux1, Arnaud Fekkar1,2 2019 P2171
Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in non-neutropenic hosts: a single-centre retrospective analysis over 18 months Umang Agrawal*1, Krutarth Kanjiya1, Kanishka Davda1, Anjali Shetty1, Rajeev Soman1, Camilla Rodrigues1, Ayesha Sunavala1 2019 P0158
Aspergillosis and co-infections in a global cohort of 690 patients Francois Danion*1, Celine Duval1, François Severac1, Philippe Bachelier1, Ermanno Candolfi1, Raphael Clere-Jehl1, Olivier Collange1, Julie Denis1, Nadia Dhif1, E Epailly1, Blandine Guffroy1, Yves Hansmann1, Romain Kessler1, Valérie Letscher-Bru1, Quentin Maestraggi1, Guillaume Morel1, Bruno Moulin1, Marcela Sabou1, Francis Schneider1, Célestine Simand1, Elise Toussaint1, Marie-Pierre Ledoux1, Raoul Herbrecht1 2019 O1125
The similarities and differences of Aspergillus and Penicillium strains detected by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry of the hyphal extracts Natalya Vasilyeva*1, Igor Riabinin1, Yaroslava Jolya2, Anna-Mariya Volontsevicha2, Olga Shadrivova3 2019 P2204
Analysis of the microbiome and mycobiome in chronic fungal rhinosinusitis Sarah Delliere*1, Cecile Angebault1,2, Pierre Bonfils3, Isabelle Podglajen4, Paul-Louis Woerther5,2, Eric Dannaoui2,4, Françoise Botterel1,2 2019 O0750
Epidemiology and clinical impact of respiratory pathogens in symptomatic immunocompromised patients: a two-centre study using a multi-parameter customised respiratory Taqman Array Card Deborah Steensels*1, Marijke Reynders2, Patrick Descheemaeker2, Martin Curran3, Maya Hites4, Isabelle Etienne4, María Isabel Montesinos Hernández4 2019 P1125
UK NEQAS: new external quality assessment scheme fungal biomarkers (galactomannan antigen detection) Shila Seaton1, Katie Minns*1, E. J. Fagan1, Sanjiv Rughooputh1 2019 P0140
Performance of 16S rRNA/18S rRNA PCR and amplicon sequencing compared to conventional culture methods for the identification of bacterial/fungal pathogens in diagnostically challenging infections Astrid Muyldermans*1, Kurt Beuselinck1, Katrien Lagrou1, Stefanie Desmet1 2019 O0590
Cerebral Aspergillosis Lesional Study (CEREALS): a multi-centre retrospective French study Alexandra Serris*1, Francois Danion1, Joseph Benzakoun2, Romain Sonneville3, Michel Wolff4, Stéphane Bretagne5, Tarek Sharshar4, Gregory Jouvion5, Raoul Herbrecht6, Olivier Naggara4, Olivier Lortholary1, Fanny Lanternier1 2019 O1120
The application of metagenomic next-generation sequencing in pulmonary aspergillosis Yao Zhang*1, Qing Miao1, Wenting Jin1, Yuyan Ma1, Qingqing Wang1, Yi Su1, Mengran Wang1, Yumeng Yao1, Yingnan Huang1, Bing Li1, Jue Pan1, Bijie Hu1 2019 P2189
Efficacy of ibrexafungerp (formerly SCY-078) against Pneumocystis pneumonia in a murine therapeutic model Stephen Barat*1, Katyna Borroto-Esoda1, Alan Ashbaugh2, Melanie T. Cushion2 2019 O0733
Infections in patients receiving kinase inhibitors: a real-life cohort study Veronica Rico Caballero*1, Celia Cardozo1, Julio Delgado2, Pedro Puerta1, Tycho Stephan Baumann2, Juan Correa2, Francesc Marco Reverte3, Maria Angeles Marcos3, José Mensa1, Jordi Esteve2, Alex Soriano1, Carolina Garcia-Vidal1 2019 P0612
Invasive aspergillosis due to Aspergillus section Usti: a European multi-centre study Emmanouil Glampedakis*1, Sophie Cassaing2, Arnaud Fekkar3, Eric Dannaoui4, Marie-Elisabeth Bougnoux5, Stéphane Bretagne6, Dionysios Neofytos7, Peter W. Schreiber8, Christophe Hennequin9, Florent Morio10, Olga Shadrivova11, Felix Bongomin12, Mario Fernandez Ruiz13, Anne-Pauline Bellanger 14, Sevtap Arikan-Akdagli15, Veronique Erard16, Maria Aigner17, Michela Paolucci 18, Elena Charpentier2, Christine Bonnal19, Sophie Brun 20, Frédéric Gabriel21, Arnaud Riat22, Reinhard Zbinden23, Patrice Le Pape10, Nikolai Klimko24, Russell Edward Lewis25, Malcolm Richardson12, Ahmet Cagkan Inkaya26, Alix Coste27, Frederic Lamoth1,27 2019 O1126
Interferon-gamma replacement as salvage therapy in chronic pulmonary aspergillosis: impact on bacterial exacerbations and hospital admissions Edward Monk*1,2, Chris Kosmidis1,2,3, Chris Harris2, Rainer Doffinger4, Gemma Hayes5, David W. Denning2,1,3 2019 P2274
Diagnostic characteristics of the recently commercialised OLM AspLFD lateral flow device in haematology patients: a multi-centre study Toine Mercier*1,2, Alexander Schauwvlieghe3, Elizabeth De Kort4, Albert Dunbar3, Marijke Reynders5, Ellen Guldentops2, Bart Rijnders3, Paul E. Verweij6,7, Katrien Lagrou8,1, Johan Maertens1,2 2019 O0832
Prevalence and mechanisms of resistance to azole antifungals of Aspergillus fumigatus isolates from respiratory specimens of patients from Lyon University Hospitals, France Loïc Simon1,2, Rolf Kramer1,3,4, Damien Dupont1,5, Tanguy Déméautis1,6, Héloïse Garnier1, Bruno Lina3,7, Meja Rabodonirina1,7, Martine Wallon1,5, Florence Persat1,8, Jean Menotti*1,6 2019 P2167
In vitro activity of APX001A and comparator agents against 1706 fungal isolates collected during an international surveillance programme (2017) Michael Huband*1, Michael A. Pfaller1, Robert Flamm1, Paul Bien2, Mariana Castanheira1 2019 O0269
Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in patients with haematological malignancies: 272 episodes in 18 years Galina Klyasova*1, Anna Malchikova1, Elena Parovichnikova1, Sergei Kravchenko1, Valeriy Savchenko1 2019 O0568
The pharmacokinetics of fluconazole in critically ill patients with varying degrees of renal function or that are undergoing continuous renal replacement treatment Eline Muilwijk1, Dylan De Lange2,3, Roeland Wasmann1, Jeroen Schouten1,4, Paul E. Verweij1,5, Peter Pickkers1, David Burger1, Tim Frenzel1, Roger Brüggemann*1,5 2019 O0112
Rezafungin PK/PD in a mouse model of Pneumocystis pneumonia Shawn Flanagan*1, Voon Ong1, Grayson Hough1, Ken Bartizal1, Alan Ashbaugh2, Melanie T. Cushion2 2019 O0271
Performance of 16S rRNA/18S rRNA PCR and amplicon sequencing compared to conventional culture methods for the identification of bacterial/fungal pathogens in diagnostically challenging infections Astrid Muyldermans*1, Kurt Beuselinck1, Katrien Lagrou1, Stefanie Desmet1 2019 O0590
EUCAST susceptibility testing of rezafungin: MIC data for contemporary Danish clinical yeast isolates Karin Meinike Jørgensen*1, Karen Marie Thyssen Astvad1, Rasmus Krøger Hare1, Maiken C. Arendrup1,2,3 2019 O0115
Influenza-associated aspergillosis in critically ill patients in two Swiss centres during the Influenza season 2017/2018: an underestimated and severe complication Frederike Waldeck*1, Filippo Boroli2, Noémie Suh3, Domenica Flury1, Anne Iten3, Laurent Kaiser1, Jacques Schrenzel3, Jerome Pugin2, Gian-Reto Kleger4, Werner Albrich1 2019 O0564
Favorable Response to Oral Ibrexafungerp (formerly SCY-078) in Patients with Refractory Fungal Diseases, Interim Analysis by Pathogen from a Phase 3 Open-label Study (FURI) Oliver A. Cornely*1, Luis Ostrosky-Zeichner2, Rachel Miller3, Andrej Spec4, George Thompson5, Thomas J. Walsh6, Riina Richardson7, Robert Krause8,8, Peter G. Pappas9, Kathleen Mullane10, Caryn G. Morse11, John W. Sanders11, Günter Weiss12, Oliver Witzke13, Jose Vazquez14, Marisa H. Miceli15, Thomas Patterson16, Martin Hoenigl17,8, Barbara Alexander3, David Angulo Gonzalez18 2019 L0010