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AAA 8th (2018)
Title Author Yearsort ascending No. Poster
Canonical versus noncanonical autophagy in the fight against Aspergillus fumigatus infection V Oikonomou1,3, G Renga1, A De Luca1, M Pariano1, M Borghi1, G Paolicelli1, C Stincardini1, M Puccetti2, C Costantini1, T Zelante1, MS Lionakis3, L Romani1 2018 152
The IL-17F/IL-17RC Axis Promotes Respiratory Allergy in the Proximal Airways A DE LUCA1, M PARIANO1, B CELLINI1, C COSTANTINI1, VR VILLELLA2, SS JOSE3, M PALMIERI1, M BORGHI1, M GALOSI1, G PAOLICELLI1, L MAIURI2, J FRIC3, T ZELANTE1 2018 97
Co-colonization patterns in cystic fibrosis patients chronically colonized with Aspergillus fumigatus M Noni1, A Katelari1, T Zaoutis2, V Spoulou1, A Kaditis1, A Michos1, S Doudounakis1 2018
PCR-based diagnosis of mucormycosis targeting mucorales specific genes C Baldin1, S Soliman2, H Jeon1, T Gebremariam1, S Alkhazraji1, VM Bruno3, OA Cornely4, JE Edwards1 5, AS Ibrahim1 5 2018
Comparison of EUCAST and Sensititre YeastOne ® Broth microdilution methods for detection of azole resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus A Resendiz-Sharpe1, J Poelmans1, S Patteet2, R Merckx1, I Montesinos3, K Lagrou1,2 2018
Diversity of Aspergillus fumigatus clinical strains in the potential pathogenicity-related properties D Hagiwara1,2, CH Kowalski3, RA Cramer Jr.3, H Takahashi1,4, H Takagi5, A Watanabe1, K Kamei1 2018
Gradient Gel Electrophoresis and PCR- SSCP, molecular methods for the differentiation among some medically important fungi K Diba1, M Rabiepour2, F Zarza2, S Khademvatan1 2018
Antifungal activity of Caspofungin against A. fumigatus affected by environmental factor A Eshwika1,2, K Kavanagh1, A Ejdidi1 2018 173
Patient Communications and Support - A Two-Way Street R Orritt1, 2, B Bradshaw2, GT Atherton1,2, C Harris1,2, DW Denning1,2 2018
Environmental survey and susceptibility pattern of Aspergillus species from six selected local government areas in Lagos, Nigeria R O Oladele1,2, C A Campbell1, F A Bongomin3 2018
Mixed biofilm of Aspergillus fumigatus and Stenotrophomonas maltophilia: a strategy of protection against drugs? L Roisin1, E Melloul1, PL Woerther1,2, JW Decousser1,2, J Guillot1,3, E Dannaoui1,4, F Botterel1,2 2018
The genome-scale binding profile of the CCAAT-binding complex in Aspergillus fumigatus T Furukawa, F Gsaller, I Donaldson, J Gilsenan, E Bignell, M Bromley 2018 166
Mold sensitization in cystic fibrosis patients YI Kozlova1, YV Borzova1, OV Aak1, AV Orlov2, TS Stepanenko2, NN Klimko1 2018
Reinvestigation of fine epitope specificity of EB-A2 antibody used in the immune detection of galactomannan of Aspergillus fumigatus: molecular basis of false-positive signals NE Nifantiev, VB Krylov, DA Argunov 2018
Mucorales prevalence and azole-resistance surveillance on different indoor environments: a menace to be tackled C Viegas1,2, T Faria1, LA Caetano1,3, J Loeffler4, J Springer4 2018
Generation of a genome-wide gene and non-coding RNA knockout library of Aspergillus fumigatus C Zhao1, D Delneri2, P Bowyer1, A Brakhage3, M Bromley1 2018 155
Effects of using comibination anti-fungal therapy in treating invasive fungal infections among cancer patients Dr Fatima 2018
Detection of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis using lung oerfusion SPECT with 99mTc-MAA in mice MT Tashiro1,2, MY Yoshida3, KN Nishi4, MM Mishima1, KK Kawano2, TT Takazono1,3, TS Saijo3, KY Yamamoto3, SK Kurihara2, YI Imamura3, TM Miyazaki1,3, TK Kudo4, HM Mukae3, KI Izumikawa1,2 2018
IL-10 overexpression in vivo promotes susceptibility to aspergillosis by suppressing innate and adaptive pulmonary antifungal immunity C Duarte-Oliveira1, 2, CF Campos1, 2, CS Rodrigues1, 2, SM Gonçalves1, 2, J Gaifem1, 2, AM Barbosa1, 2, CR Ferreira1, 2, AG Castro1, 2, R Silvestre1, 2, ID Jacobsen3, E Torrado1, 2, C Cunha1, 2, A Carvalho1,2 2018 93
Genetic structure of Aspergillus flavus isolates in hospital environments and their possible public health hazards S Khodavaisy1, H Badali2, S Rezaie1, J.F Meis3, F Hagen3, SJ Hashemi1, Sh Afhami4, K Gohari Moghadam5 2018
Accuracy of chronic pulmonary aspergillosis diagnosis by chest X-ray and serology in cohort of patients with treated pulmonary tuberculosis ID Page1,2,3, S Hosmane4, M Kneale1, N Onyachi5, C Opira6, J Opwonya7, M Richardson8, R Sawyer (retired)4, A Sharman4, DW Denning1,2,3 2018
Detection and identification of fungi from rhinosinusitis by molecular techniques M J Najafzadeh1, K Jalaeian2, M Bakhshaei2 2018
Assessment of some bioactive fractions and compounds from the ethanolic leaf extracts of Uvariodendron calophyllum on Aspergillus fumigatus and Aspergillus flavus with their virulence factors ZM Elisabeth1,2, FB Fabrice2 2018
Studies on aerobiology of Aspergillus fumigatus over tea plantation in Terai region of West Bengal and its sensitivity to caffeine in vitro S Debnath1, SK Debnath2 2018
Evaluation of drug susceptibility of Aspergillus species isolated from ICU of Hospitals at in vitro A Nasrollahi Omran 2018