IDWeek 2017

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Change in Clinical Management Associated with Flexible Bronchoscopy and Bronchoalveolar Lavage in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients with New Pulmonary Infiltrates (click for details)
Increased Prevalence of Potentially Resistant Non-Aspergillus Molds Isolated in Lung Transplant Recipients after Voriconazole and Posaconazole Prophylaxis (click for details)
Phase 1 Study to Assess Safety, Tolerability and Pharmacokinetics of Single and Multiple Oral Doses of APX001 and to Investigate the Effect of Food on APX001 Bioavailability (click for details)
Discovery of Antifungal Compounds from Kampo Medicine Against Dermatophytes (click for details)
A Cross-Sectional Survey to Measure the Prevalence of Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis (CPA) Complicating Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Northern Uganda (click for details)
Breakthrough Invasive Fungal Infections (bIFI) in Adult Patients with Leukemia Receiving Isavuconazole (ISA) (click for details)
Epidemiology of Invasive Fungal Disease by Aspergillus in a University Hospital in Santiago – Chile, During the Period 2005–2015 (click for details)
Detection of (1,3)-β-D-Glucan in Cerebrospinal Fluid in Histoplasma Meningitis (click for details)
Article Navigation Performance of the Karius Plasma Next Generation Sequencing Test in Determining the Etiologic Diagnosis of Febrile Neutropenia: Results from a Pilot Study (click for details)
First-in-Human Study to Assess Safety, Tolerability and Pharmacokinetics of APX001 Administered by Intravenous Infusion to Healthy Subjects (click for details)


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