ICAAC 54th (2014)

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Comparison of the Mics Obtained by Clsi and Eucast Methods for Isavuconazole, Posaconazole, Voriconazole and Amphotericin B Against Mucorales (click for details)
Aspergillus Specific PCR of Specimens more Adequately Representing the Infectious Localization such as Bronchoalveolar Lavage, Cerebrospinal Fluid or Tissue/Effusion Samples are Superior to Testing Concurrent Blood Samples in Immunocompromised Patients wi (click for details)
Investigating Aspergillus PCR-negative Tissue Biopsy Samples from immunocompromised Patients using DNA Microarray Technology improves Diagnosis of Invasive Fungal Infections (IFI) (click for details)
Isavuconazole is Effective for the Treatment of Experimental Cryptococcal Meningitis (click for details)
Combination Aspf3, Aspf9 and Hemolysin Liposomal Vaccines Provide Protection Against Murine Pulmonary Aspergillus Challenge (click for details)
Antifungal and Anti-Pneumocystis Activity of the Novel Arylamidine T-2307 (click for details)
A Phase 3 Randomized, Double-Blind, Non-Inferiority Trial Evaluating Isavuconazole (ISA) vs. Voriconazole (VRC) for the Primary Treatment of Invasive Fungal Disease (IFD) Caused by Aspergillus spp. or other Filamentous Fungi (SECURE): Outcomes by Malignan (click for details)
ASP2397: A Novel Natural Product with Potent Fungicidal Activity against Aspergillus spp. (2)- In Vivo Activity against A. fumigatus (click for details)
Aspergillus PCR: Twenty Years In The Making, But Is It Enough To Make Prime Time? (click for details)
Galactomannan Antigen Detection Immunoassay: an Intra-laboratory Reproducibility Study to Identify the Origin of Analytical False Positive Results (click for details)


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