ICAAC 42nd

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Antifungal Resistance of Clinical Yeasts Isolated in a General Hospital: Analysis by Site of Isolation. (click for details)
Interactions of Ravuconazole (RVZ) with Yeast Multidrug Efflux Transporters and Different Cytochrome P450 Mutant Forms. (click for details)
In-Vitro Activities of Caspofungin Compared with those of Fluconazole and Itraconazole against 3,959 Clinical Isolates of Candida spp., Including 157 Fluconazole-Resistant Isolates (click for details)
Activity of Amphotericin B (Ab) + Voriconazole (V) or Terbinafine (T) and V + T against Aspergillus fumigatus (AF) Strains by Using Chitin Quantification. (click for details)
Impact of Antifungal Susceptibility Testing at an Urban Medical Center: Incidence, Utilization, and Outcomes. (click for details)
An Evaluation of the Performance of a New Investigational Antifungal Agent, Caspofungin, on the Sensititre® YeastOne® Colorimetric Antifungal Susceptibility Plate. (click for details)
In Vivo Activity of Micafungin in a Persistently Neutropenic Murine Model of Disseminated Infection Caused Candida tropicalis (click for details)
Coccidioidomycosis in Patients with Hematological Malignancies. (click for details)
In Vitro Evaluation of Caspofungin Acetate (Cancidas) Against Candida glabrata: MICs, MFCs, Time Kill and Synergy Assays. (click for details)
Invasive Fungal Infections (IFIs) in Lung Transplant Recipients (LTR) Receiving Prophylactic Aerosolized Amphotericin B (aAmB) Formulations (click for details)


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