ECCMID 26th (2016)

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Therapeutic drug monitoring of antifungal drugs: another tool to improve patients outcome? (click for details)
Molecular analysis by DiversiLab and antifungal susceptibility by YeastOne of clinical isolates of Trichosporon asahii from Turkey (click for details)
Candida bloodstream infections in a Greek tertiary hospital: 5-year survey – epidemiology and in vitro antifungal susceptibility profiles (click for details)
Utility of the IA diagnosis biomarker bis(methylthio)gliotoxin to monitor voriconazole treatment (click for details)
Is fluconazole resistance (FLU-R) in Cryptococcus neoformans predictive of clinical outcome? (click for details)
Evaluation of the Sensititre YeastOne colorimetric antifungal panel for susceptibility testing of Candida species to anidulafungin, caspofungin, and micafungin, adopting the new CLSI clinical breakpoints and epidemiological cutoff values (click for details)
EDTA inhibits Rhizopus oryzae (Rhizopus arrhizus) growth in vitro in blood of diabetic and non-diabetic individuals - is it an option for combined therapy with antifungal agents in the future? (click for details)
Factors correlated to the length of antifungal therapy in a cohort of patients with candidaemia (click for details)
Differences in cytokine levels in diabetic versus non-diabetic mice challenged with Candida albicans and treated with liposomal amphotericin B (click for details)
Subinhibitory concentrations of micafungin exert species-dependent differential effects on Candida and modulate the antifungal activity of human neutrophils against mature biofilms (click for details)


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