ASH 50th (2008)

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A Therapeutic Platelet Transfusion Strategy without Routine Prophylactic Transfusion Is Feasible and Safe and Reduces Platelet Transfusion Numbers Significantly: Preliminary Analysis of a Randomized Study in Patients after High Dose Chemotherapy and Autol (click for details)
Outcome and Predictive Factors of Patients (pts) with Hematologic Malignancies (HM) Admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) (click for details)
Adoptive Immune Cell Therapy for the Control of Fungal Infections in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Patients (click for details)
Adoptive Immunotherapy after Haploidentical Stem Cell Transplantation with T Cells Allodepleted by Photodynamic Purging (click for details)
Neutrophil Counts Could Predict the Response to Immunosuppressive Treatment with Antithymocyte Globulin and Cyclosporine in the Patients with Severe Aplastic Anemia (click for details)
Cost-Effectiveness of Antifungal Strategies in High-Risk Neutropenic Patients (click for details)
First Line Treatment of Probable and Proven Invasive Aspergillosis with Caspofungin in Oncohemopatic Patients. A Single Centre Experience (click for details)
Primary Prophylaxis against Invasive Fungal Infections (IFI) with Posaconazole (POS) or Voriconazole (VRC) Shows Better Efficacy Compared to No Systemic Prophylaxis during Induction and Consolidation Chemotherapy Cycles of Adult Acute Leukemia Patients (click for details)
GRASPALL 2005.01 Clinical Study: L-Asparaginase Loaded into Red Blood Cells Is Effective at Depleting Serum Asparagine in Children and Adults with Relapsed Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) (click for details)
Relaxing the Protected Environment Has Not Adversely Impacted Early Outcome of Older Patients ( 50 years) with AML and HR- MDS Receiving Induction Therapy (click for details)


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