ASH 45th (2003)

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Infectious Complications in Patients Undergoing Reduced Intensity Stem Cell Transplantation (RIST) from Unrelated Umbilical Cord Blood (RI-UCBT). Session Type: Publication Only (click for details)
A Phase I/II Trial of Cladribine (2-CDA), Thiotepa (TT) and Rabbit Antithymocyte Globulin (rATG) as a Reduced Intensity Conditioning (RIC) Regimen for Non-Myeloablative Allogeneic Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplant (NMA-PBSCT) for Hematologic Malignanc (click for details)
Successful Treatment of Resistant Invasive Aspergillosis with Combination of Caspofungin Acetate and Voriconazole during Aggresive Treatment of AML including BMT. Session Type: Publication Only (click for details)
Monocyte Subset Diversity Following Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation: Implications for Susceptibility to Infections. Session Type: Poster Session 97-I (click for details)
Predictors of Infection and Bleeding in Patients with Chemotherapy Induced Thrombocytopenia. Session Type: Poster Session 215-II (click for details)
Voriconazole Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT) Recipients: Significance in Patients with Abnormal Hepatic Function. Session Type: Publication Only (click for details)
Amphotericin B Lipid Complex (ABLC) for Prophylaxis of Fungal Infections in Patients Given Either Unrelated or Mismatched Related Donor Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation. Session Type: Poster Session 844-III (click for details)
Early Introduction of FK-506 Combined with Mycophenolate Mofetil Leads To Prompt Engraftment with Low Incidence of Acute GVHD in Non-Myeloablative Allogeneic Transplantation: An Update in 57 Patients. Session Type: Poster Session 780-II (click for details)
Update of the Modified Hyper-CVAD Regimen in Newly Diagnosed Adult Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL). Session Type: Poster Session 494-III (click for details)
Short Intensive Chemotherapy with Rituximab Seems Successful in Burkitt NHL, Mature B-ALL and Other High-Grade B-NHL. Session Type: Oral Session (click for details)


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