Neonatal and pediatric pharmacology : therapeutic principles in practice

Reference type: Book

Author: [edited by] Sumner J. Yaffe, Jacob V. Aranda

Year published: 2005

Full title:

Neonatal and pediatric pharmacology : therapeutic principles in practice

Place published:

Philadelphia, Pa. ; London


Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN/ISSN: 0781741858


Formerly CIPIncludes bibliographical references and indexRev. ed. of: Pediatric pharmacology. 2nd ed. c1992Introduction and historical perspectives / Sumner J. Yaffe and Jacob V. Aranda — Clinical pharmacokinetics in infants and children / Edmund V. Capparelli — Drug action and therapy in the infant and child / Ralph E. Kauffman — Drug metabolism and disposition in infants and children / Anders Rane — Pharmacogenetics, pharmacogenomics, and pharmacoproteomics / J. Steven Leeder — Compliance with pediatric medication regimens / Hakan Ergun and Daniel A.C. Frattarelli — Clinical trials involving children: history, rationale, and technical considerations / Steven Hirschfeld — Ethics of drug research in pediatric populations / Sanford N. Cohen and Bruce L. Russell — Therapeutic drug monitoring / Alexander A. Vinks and Philip D. Walson — Drug formulations / Milap C. Nahata — Overview of drugs in pregnancy / Donald R. Mattison and John F. Young –Placental transfer of drugs / Rada Boskovic and Gideon Koren — Perinatal origins of adult defects in drug metabolism / Bernard H. Shapiro — Principles of neonatal pharmacology / Jeffrey L. Blumer and Michael D. Reed — Renal function and excretion of drugs in the newborn / John van den Anker — The excretion of drugs and chemicals in human milk / Cheston M. Berlin — Drugs for hyperbilirubinemia / David K. Stevenson … [et al.] — Drugs and lung development / Alan H. Jobe — Drugs in neonatal apnea / J.M. Lopez and Jacob V. Aranda — Drugs and perinatal brain injury / Maria Delivoria Papadopoulos, Agustin Legido, and Om Prakash Mishra — Antiretroviral pharmacology in pregnant women and newborns / Mark Mirochnick — Therapeutic applications in pediatric intensive care / Mary Lieh-Lai and Ashok Sarnaik — Drug therapy in the pediatric emergency department / Shannon Manzi and Michael Shannon –Drug therapy in the adolescent / Ian M. Paul and Richard L. Levine — Topical medications / Fasahat H. Hamzavi and George J. Murakawa — Ophthalmologic drugs in infants and children / John D. Roarty — Sulfonamides / Chokechai Rongkavilit … [et al.] — Penicillin, beta-lactam inhibitors, cephalopsporins / Sumathi Nambiar and William J. Rodriguez — Aminoglycosides and glycopeptides / Matthijs de Hoog and John van den Anker — Macrolides, chloramphenicol, and tetracyclines / Basim Asmar — Anthelminthic drugs in children / George C.F. Hsieh, Vincent C. Fan, and Peter J. Hotez — Anti-tuberculosis drugs / Alexander O. Tuazon — Antifungal agents / William J. Steinbach and John R. Perfect — Antiviral drugs / Charles G. Prober and David Kimberlin — Anticonvulsants / Victoria Tutag Lehr, Harry T. Chugani, and Jacob V. Aranda –Psychoactive drugs / Julio Licinio — Antihistamines / Sanaa A. Mahmoud and Sami L. Bahna — Anti-asthmatics / Glenn Whelan, Joseph D. Spahn, and Stanley J. Szefler — Antipyretics / John T. Wilson and Margaret Ann Springer — Cardiovascular drugs / Eli Zalzstein and Rafael Gorodischer — Diuretics and renal drugs / Jean-Pierre Guignard — Clinical pharmacology of antineoplastic drugs / Stacey L. Berg and David G. Poplack — Immunosuppressive and immunomodulatory drugs / Nenna R. Gupta … [et al.] — Analgesic agents / Sinno H.P. Simons, Brian J. Anderson, and Dick Tibboel — Local anesthetics for infants and children / Santhanam Suresh and Charles J. Cote — Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs / Sylvain Chemtob — Antihypertensive agents / Thomas Wells and Mohammed Ilyas — Gastrointestinal drugs / Laura James … [et al.] –Glucocorticoids / Evangelia Charmandari, Tomoshige Kino, and George P. Chrousos — Insulin and diabetes / Tania S. Burgert and William Tamborlane — Thyroid hormones / Delbert A. Fisher — Growth hormone / Harvey J. Guyda — Hematologic agents in the newborn infant / Alfred A. Alvarez, Darlene A. Calhoun, and Robert D. Christensen — Nutrient supplements / Mary Francis Picciano, Carolyn S. Chung, Paul M. Coates — Vaccines / David W. Scheifele — Epidemiology of adverse drug effects / Louis Vernacchio and Allen A. Mitchell — Medication errors / George H. Lambert, Marc G. Sturgill, and Diane D. Cousins — Poisonings and antidotes / Suzanne R. White — Herbal products used in children: risks and unproven benefits / Wayne R. Snodgrass — Neonatal abstinence syndromes / Loretta Finnegan and Stephen R. Kandall

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