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Medical mycology International Society for, Human;Animal, Mycology
IMI Distribution maps of plant diseases International Mycological, Institute;International, C. A. B.
Fungal genetics and biology : FG & B International Digitized Electronic Access, Library
Annotated Bibliography of Medical Mycology Imperial Mycological, Institute;Commonwealth Mycological, Institute
The review of applied mycology Imperial Bureau of, Mycology;Imperial Mycological, Institute;Commonwealth Mycological, Institute
Mykosen Gesellschaft., Deutschsprachige Mykologische
Bibliography of systematic mycology Britain), Commonwealth Mycological Institute (Great;Institute., C.A.B. International. Mycological;Institute., International Mycological
Review of medical and veterinary mycology. (Commonwealth Mycological Institute, Kew, Eng.) Institute), Commonwealth Mycological Institute (called 1943-46 Imperial Mycological
Distribution maps of plant diseases Institute, Commonwealth Mycological
Commonwealth phytopathological news Commonwealth Mycological, Institute
CMI descriptions of fungi and bacteria Commonwealth Mycological, Institute
Phytopathological papers Commonwealth Mycological, Institute;Institute, C. A. B. International Mycological;International Mycological, Institute
Manual of Clinical Problems in Infectious Disease Nelson M Gantz MD, FACPRichard B Brown MDSteven L Berk MDAnthony L Esposito MDRichard A Gleckman MD
Mycopathologia Institute., C.A.B. International. Mycological
Review of plant pathology Services., C.A.B. International. Information;Britain), Commonwealth Mycological Institute (Great
An ecological study of the soil fungi of some British sand dunes Brown, J. C.
The Infectious Diseases of Wild Animals Davis, John William
A handbook of fungal skin infections Bayer Uk, Ltd
The Journal of mycology: devoted especially to the study of fungi in their relation to plant diseases States., United;Galloway, Beverly Thomas
Molecular plant-microbe interactions American Phytopathological, Society