Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester, to provide National Service for Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis

The Department of Health has announced that from April 2009 funding will be provided for a ‘National Aspergillosis Centre’ at Wythenshawe Hospital in South Manchester, UK. It will be the first national centre for aspergillosis in the world, and will form part of Wythenshawe Hospital’s North West Lung Centre, which has a long history and international reputation for treating lung disorders. This will end any postcode lottery for patients with chronic pulmonary aspergillosis (CPA) – an incurable fungal disease of the lung.
It is estimated that there are 500 – 750 cases of CPA in England, and that the new National Centre will provide access to specialised services in an area of high unmet patient need.

The National Aspergillosis Centre will provide patients from across the country with access to a team of specialist staff including two consultants (Professor Denning and Dr Hope), specialists nurses, surgeons, radiologists, clinical research fellows and the Regional Mycology Laboratory, already situated at Wythenshawe Hospital. Clinical research on these uncommon disorders will be a major focus of the work, already underwritten by the recent NIHR Translational Research Centre in Lung Disease being co-located at Wythenshawe. This development will deliver a better quality of care for patients with aspergillosis and should help to reduce mortality rates.

The Clinical Director of the new National Aspergillosis Centre, Professor David Denning says: “We’re delighted that the Department of Health will be funding a National Aspergillosis Centre here in South Manchester, which is an area with high rates of respiratory disease. This national service will benefit patients across the UK, by building on the extensive expertise in chronic fungal lung infections (at Wythenshawe) and sophisticated laboratory support and allowing us to invest further in our clinical and research capabilities.” More information