National Collection of Pathogenic Fungi Launches Newsletter

The National Collection of Pathogenic Fungi (NCPF) is launching a biannual newsletter. The newsletters will contain news and updates about NCPF, information on new and circulating strains and lots more.

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Elements from the newsletter:

The National Collection of Pathogenic Fungi (NCPF), operated by the UK National Mycology Reference Laboratory (MRL) in Bristol, is the only culture collection in the UK specialising in fungi pathogenic to humans and animals.

In total, there are over 4,000 strains in the NCPF collection which are from at least 100 genera. New strains are constantly added to the collection and a list of new and interesting strains will be available soon on the Culture Collections page.

One of the newly recognised species was named Exophiala campbellii after our retired colleague Dr Colin Campbell who ably curated NCPF for many years. Colin is also first author of the PHE manual on Identification of Pathogenic Fungi for which he provided all the careful line drawings.

NCPF training course - Identification of Pathogenic Fungi 10-13 July 2017

Every July the Mycology Reference Laboratory runs a course on the identification of pathogenic fungi. The four day course is designed for beginners and those with some experience in the identification of medically important fungi.

There is much more in the full newsletter.